MCA Pending for Action, Assigned, Work-in-progress Meaning

When you submit a form to The Ministry of Corporate Affairs through MCA21 online portal, your application will go through Four states: 


1. Pending For Action: 

This is the first stage of processing, Pending for Action means you application is just in the stage of ‘Submitted’. It is pending for assignment to an Employee there.


2. Assigned: 

Assigned means, you file has been assigned to an officer. It means, it is just assigned, and the officer has not taken up the file. It’s like in a Waiting List.


3. Work-In-Progress: 

It means your file is taken up by the officer. It goes through two stages, Officer level and executive level. They very the form and send it to the concerned approval authority with valid recommendations.


4. Pending for approval: 

It is the final stage and the approval authority will either approve or reject the application. If it is approved, you get the result as ‘Approved’, and if it is rejected, then it will show ‘Required Re-submission’.

By pratapregit

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